Pattern Enabled Development

posted Jul 27, 2011, 6:35 PM by Dan Diebolt

Pattern Enabled Development

with Marvin Toll
Wednesday, July 6, 2011 @ 6pm


In fall 2004, Ford Motor Company chartered a team of Perl/CGI developers to implement a robust 80-table J2EE application with assistance of a single Java consultant. The lessons learned are emerging as an application development evolution - Pattern Enabled Development - a catalyst for business innovation. Share in the excitement as Marvin takes us on a multi-year journey across four continents in pursuit of an enabling approach to global application development. And dissect lessons learned for applicability within your sphere of influence!


Marvin Toll [ ] is a well-rounded IT self-starter with over 20 years as an effective Consultant, Project Manager, Architect, Instructor, Supervisor and Developer. PMP certified for ten years beginning in 1999, he has utilized both Agile Methodologies and RUP tools while managing full life cycle development and COTS implementations. As a Java Architect he has "hands-on" skills in object-oriented design, Java EE application development and COTS product development. Mr. Toll has experience in the automotive, education, financial, government, human resources, legal, and utility sectors.

In addition, Mr. Toll is the author of four (4) open source initiatives (beginning with the most current):

SOAj ( ) – A “General Store” Approach To Application Development
TestUtil ( ) – Automated Method Testing Tool
JSlim ( ) – “Service Locator Information Manager”
protodev ( ) – Prototyping Tool (deprecated)

Marvin is the founder of Pattern Enabled Development at

Note: The presentation from tonight is available at: