About AACS (Board)

The board members are elected and appointed officials that govern the non-profit group.   The elected positions are President, Vice-President, Treasurer/Secretary, Quarter Master and Webmaster.  The Program Chair is an appointed position. Elections occur yearly in March and voting is open to paid members in good standing. 

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President:  Responsible for running the group, leads public meetings and board meetings, and helps solicit future speakers - elected

Vice President: Responsible for running the public meetings in the absence of the President - elected

Treasurer/Secretary: Responsible for membership information and collection of dues, and ordering of food and door prizes. - elected

Quarter Master: Responsible for facility location, setup and tear down, and will fill in for any of the above positions in the event they are not available (except for president in the event the vice-president is present). Quarter Master is also responsible for speaker surveys. - elected

Webmaster: Responsible for website updates and communication information to mailing list - elected

Program Chair: Responsible for coordinating speakers and soliciting speakers for future talks, helps coordinate speakers during talk. - appointed